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Reverse Bungee

Sometimes referred to as the “Sling Shot”, “Bungee Ball” or “Bungee Rocket”, The Reverse Bungee is a truly breathtaking experience where two brave riders are catapulted high up into the air at totally ludicrous speeds, spinning and bouncing as they go!

It’s a fully mobile attraction capable of travel to most destinations all around the world.

How It Works

The Gondola (the sphere holding the passengers) is held firmly in place by a very strong electro-magnet. Two winches that are positioned on either side then stretch the rubber cords up to the tops of the towers. Once they reach the top, the magnet is released and the ball is catapulted 182 feet in the air! The gondola is free spinning, so as well as experiencing acceleration of up to 4.8g, riders also turn over and over!

We are able to capture the live footage of each ride for spectators to watch thanks to the camera fitted inside the gondola. This footage is also available to purchase on DVD or Video from the cash desk as a great lasting souvenir to prove your bravery to any doubting family and friends!

Is It Safe?

Yes! The passengers are first secured by a four point rally car safety harness. A padded safety bar then comes down over their shoulders and locks into position.
Each pair of bungee cords have a strict life span. Each jump is recorded by computer, which tells the operator when the bungee cords are due to be replaced to ensure the elastic is strong and does not become too worn. Should a bungee cord fail, there is an additional safety rope coiled within the elastics to prevent the gondola from falling.

Safety checks and maintenance are carried out daily by our own experts, and an ADIPS* engineer carries out an annual safety inspection before the attraction is passed as safe to operate; copies of these safety certificates are available to clients upon request.

Thinking of Hiring This Attraction?

Some important points to consider if you want to hire the Reverse Bungee are:

- Is there enough space on the ground? The Reverse Bungee requires a space of 8m depth X 22m width. You must then ensure there is adequate space for your visitors to manoeuvre around the attraction if placed in a main area or walkway.

- Is there enough headroom? The Reverse Bungee requires 220 feet (67m) height clearance with no overhanging trees or cables etc.

- Is there adequate room to turn and manoeuvre a long articulated vehicle around the area? You must think about the width and height of gates and entrances as well as around the site itself.

- The nature of the Reverse Bungee is such that riders will experience fast and violent motion. Persons with the following conditions should therefore not ride the Reverse Bungee: Broken bones, back or neck problems, heart conditions, pregnancy or any other condition that may be affected by a ride such as this.

- The passenger car is fitted with rally car seats and harnesses that persons of certain body shapes or sizes may not be able to fit into. You must be at least 110 cm in height to ride.

The Reverse Bungee is available to attend public events, for private hire or for corporate branding and marketing campaigns around the World.

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