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Victorian Carousel

Few attractions conjure up the image of traditional fairground charm as much a Golden Galloping Horse Carousel.

The gentle motion of the beautifully hand painted horses coupled with the cheerful organ music and twinkling lights all combine to create the perfect fun family atmosphere.

Although the Carousel is a traditional fairground attraction, the    S & D Leisure Carousel is actually a modern ride and as such carries all the modern operational equipment and safety features.

For very young riders or the less mobile, our carousel features the ornate Dragon Carriages, which offer spacious bench seating and are motion-free.

Children and adults alike are all able to ride and enjoy this charming attraction.

The Carousel can also be hired out for special occasions. 

Quote from wedding party - Dorset

"It really made the day so special and memorable.  A number of our guests commented on how much fun it was and it brought a whole new dimension to the day."

The Carousel is supplied with full Public Liability Insurance and ADIPs electrical and mechanical test certification. The attraction conforms with all the latest safety standards.

It’s computer controlled electronic transmission system ensures each ride is exactly the same duration. The computer performs automatic system diagnostics and the equipment is also ultra reliable. These technical features make this carousel unique.

The Carousel also has a traditional organ music digital sound system which plays tunes in keeping with the Victorian style of the Gallopers.

The Carousel can be hired on a daily basis for any event.  The hire will include delivery, set up, full staffing and operation, dismantling and removal.

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