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Bournemouth Balloon

The HiFlyer Bournemouth Balloon, presented by S&D Leisure is a spherical helium-filled tethered balloon situated in the Bournemouth Lower Gardens.

The Bournemouth Balloon has an enclosed gondola designed to carry 25-28 passengers, designed and engineered by ground-breaking and award-winning Lindstrand Technologies. Tethered by a steel cable, the Balloon will gently float 500 feet above the beautiful Lower Gardens.

The Bournemouth Balloon is certified as an aircraft by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2008.

Riders are enchanted with a spectacular panoramic view of the English Channel and surrounding area for up to 20 miles from the highest public observation point in Bournemouth. Children and adults alike will enjoy the breath-taking sights by day or our illuminated night time flights, which create a unique romantic atmosphere providing the perfect way to highlight your visit to Bournemouth.

The Bournemouth Balloon is open daily and suitable for all ages.

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