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The Wave Swinger is a breathtaking attraction that evokes a truly nostalgic feel and provides a stunning focal point on any traditional fairground. It is a family ride which never seems to diminish in popularity and as such is a sure crowd pleaser!

The traditional Italian hand crafted Wave Swinger is a 21st Century take on the traditional “chair-o-plane” fairground attraction, but with a tilting top for added dynamics featuring all modern operating and safety systems.

The Wave Swinger has 32 tilting chairs; 16 individual “chairs” and 16 family seats to enable parents to sit alongside younger family members to provide a truly lovely family experience.

As well as spinning at speed, the ride’s top oscillates, accentuating the sensation of weightlessness.

If you want the thrill of flying with the wind in your face then you won’t want to miss S&D's latest famous ride! Check out for details.

The Wave Swinger is available to hire for public events, private functions and film/photo shoots. If you would like to hire the Wave Swinger ride, why not contact our helpful team today for a no obligation quote and to find out more.

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