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Mobile Stage

Our brand new Mobile Stage can be yours to hire for events of all kinds around the World!

The stage is a convenient truck-mounted unit making it easily transportable for short or long term events, road shows, concerts and more!

Amongst other features, the stage comes equipped with its own lighting and DS audio equipment, which delivers fantastic quality sound. Please feel free to have a chat with our team if you wish to incorporate your own specialist equipment.

Our team will deliver, construct, supervise, dismantle and remove the stage.

This show rig Mobile Stage is a fully transportable self contained stage unit and comes complete with an OHM TRS Sound system and lighting. The area of the stage is appx 50 square metres.

The unit can be assembled within one hour and is secured at closed periods by the flick of a switch.

The stage can be hired for outdoor events at home or abroad for details on hire costs or a quote please contact us, discount can be arranged for longer hire periods.

Below are details and photos of the sound system that come with the stage.

The OHM TRS system is designed for live sound on the move. The TRS-218 is a dual 18" sub bass unit which will faithfully reproduce the most powerful bass-lines and the TRS-212 is a long throw mid-high cabinet renowned for its clarity and hi-fidelity. The system is driven by OHMs DSP lightweight amplifiers and the TRS-112 monitors complete the line up. The TRS system is made in Cheshire and used all round the world in live venues, dance clubs and on the road.

Contact us for a no obligation, tailored quote for your event.

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